Combining breathing exercises, stretching and deep relaxation in the Sivananda tradition, Ambika Yoga is a very comprehensive form of Hatha Yoga.


Through its emphasis on mind and body balance, it creates a general feeling of harmony and well-being.


At the end of the class, your mind will be clearer, you will feel calmer and enjoy an energy boost that will bring noticeable benefits to your everyday life.


Alexia has always used movement through her body as a way to feel connected to her authentic self.  She naturally went into a yoga class 12 years ago smelling something is going on in this field. What a shock that in lotus pose she felt an internal shift that would change her life but didn’t quite understand how. Then the journey of inner exercise began.


During her three year studying the Sivananda Yoga

tradition in Paris, she went to India twice and becomes

a yoga teacher. She received her spriritual name Ambika

and realized the deeper levels of yoga.


Sivananda yoga is a unique approach to classical yoga.

It's a hatha Yoga which simplifies the yoga method making

it compatible with a modern lifestyle. Emphasis is given to

the body synchronisation and fluidity of movement.


The breath is used as a tool for entering and leaving the postures, which allows both the body and mind to relax and open. This is apparent in Alexia’s classes, where she gently guides students with her soft-spoken to focus on breath awareness in order to bring about union of body, mind and spirit.


Alexia’s yoga class is recommended for all levels and abilities, for those wishing to improve flexibility and strength and attain a calm and focussed mind.

As a yoga teacher, Alexia loves to watch not only the physical progress of students, but the subtle changes of the mind/soul/body connection: “I am committed to teaching Yoga to help others realize they don’t need to search outside themselves but just to listen to that inner voice within themselves to create a freedom for possibility and awarness.”






- Private Yoga class:

45 € for 1 hour

55€ for 1hour 1/4

60 euros for 1hour ½



NB: These rates include the travel to come to the venue (30 km around Tournus)

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