​​​Combining breathing exercises, stretching and deep relaxation in the Sivananda tradition, Ambika Yoga is a very comprehensive form of Hatha Yoga. Through its emphasis on mind and body balance, it creates a general feeling of harmony and well-being.
At the end of the class, your mind will be clearer, you will feel calmer and enjoy an energy boost that will bring noticeable benefits to your everyday life.

By tapping on the energy of the Whole, restorative care acts on the subtle body and restores the balance that has been upset by physical ailments or emotional suffering. Blending up-to-date scientific research with ancient wisdom, the techniques used ensure a holistic transformation which relieves and pacifies both body and mind.


The Vitality courses will raise your energy level through yoga, relaxation, meditation, massage and rest as well as through a balanced and healthy diet of tasty organic meals.
Unfailingly idyllic, the setting offers authenticity and comfort in a delightful natural environment, away from all forms of pollution and the stresses of urban life.

With a large array of  assessment tools at their disposal, our partners – therapists and well-being experts – contribute to the Association by organising workshops, conferences and specialised care.
They are all qualified and held in high regard by their clients for their professionalism and the results they achieve.

Yoga Classes

South Burgundy


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